Only Two Weeks Away from Luke Cage

By David SomersetSeptember 16, 2016Cine y TV News
By David Somerset | September 16, 2016

Let the countdown begin!

Ever since Daredevil debuted on Netflix, and was subsequently followed up by the awesome Jessica Jones, it’s basically been a general wait for whenever the next season of the Defenders series will start. And while two seasons a year would normally be enough for the average viewer, this is also Netflix we’re talking about.

Which basically means that we’ll have to wait about another six months after the initial air date before the next episodes start airing simply because binging makes everything that much better.

Sure, it also means we have no life for a day, but it also means we’re not left stuck on a stupid cliffhanger wondering what’s going to happen next while waiting a week to find out.

And now that we’re two weeks away from the Hero for Hire’s solo series debuting, we’re already planning on a weekend in, which is made all the easier considering that it’s rent time so any of us who have to pay that bill have something to do while wishing we made more money so we could be out at the bar.

So, far we’ve already seen him having a “romantic” relationship with the a.k.a. heroine, but apparently this time around we’ll be dealing with a Luke Cage who’s grown past what he’s considered to generally be a rebound for him. He’ll be dealing with the loss of his wife, the shotgun blast to the head that still has it’s effects, and, of course, his own big bads in the streets of Harlem.

The gun blast is exceptionally gratifying… Not so much in a sadistic way, or for continuity’s sake, but more so in the fact that when you’re dealing with a dude with impenetrable skin, finding a weakness seems relatively difficult when you’re not an alien who cringes at the rocks from his home planet.

Luke Cage premiers on Netflix September 30, 2016.