Looking Ahead to The Jungle Book on DVD

By David SomersetAugust 23, 2016Cine y TV News
the jungle book
By David Somerset | August 23, 2016

In a world dominated by Redbox rentals, Netflix binges, and On-Demand viewing, DVDs and Blu-Rays have continued to survive through movies that people want to watch repeatedly as well as added features which go beyond the typical blooper reels and actually give us insights into the making of the film.

These insights often provide information about why certain decisions were made, voiceovers by the actors giving backstories in each of the scenes, and, of course, behind the scenes footage that shows how the special effects were created.

Something which should be well received by fans of the nearly $1 billion box office Jungle Book adaptation that Disney put out earlier this year and which is coming to DVD next Tuesday, August 30. Considering that this was Disney’s first live action film that required the use of animals, this movie also set the stage for the potential to have the full Disney collection go live action, which means it may just be a matter of time before films like The Lion King or Bambi are hitting the big screen.

Now, we’ll get to see how they did it beforehand through features that should interest any budding filmmaker.