The LEGO Batman Movie Looks Like the Flick Us Fans Deserve

By David SomersetNovember 4, 2016Movie Trailers
LEGO Batman Leading Superheroes
By David Somerset | November 4, 2016

Batman has been a lone bright spot for the DC Universe ever since Christopher Nolan dropped his trilogy. And while speculation wasn’t very positive regarding Ben Affleck’s casting for the role, the general consensus seems to be that he was pretty much the best part of Batman v. Superman, with even Honest Trailers admitting that the thing everyone thought would have been the worst part of the movie ended up being thing that was the best part of the movie.

And with the news coming out today that apparently the script for the standalone Affleck Batman movie is a complete mess, but the studio doesn’t care, it looks like we might still be having problems with the upcoming Batman movies, and the DCEU in general, if it’s not left in better hands.

So, now we’re left to rely on one of the best parts of another movie to be it’s own great standalone movie, but instead we’re going to place our faith in The Lego version, which will undoubtedly be awesome because everything is…

And you just started humming the song didn’t you? If not, I bet now you are…..

The LEGO Batman Movie will hit theaters February 10, 2017.

Image Credits: Warner Bros.