La La Land Looks Like Strange, Fascinating Musical Trip

By David SomersetJuly 14, 2016Movie Trailers
La La Land Vinyl Cover
By David Somerset | July 14, 2016

While La La Land was initially supposed to make it’s big screen debut this weekend, the opening date was pushed back in the hopes to position the movie for a big awards run. And so, instead of getting to see Emma Stone running around and dancing with seemingly every girl’s heartthrob, Ryan Gosling, we’re getting a first peek at the teaser trailer, which was released on Wednesday.

It’s hard to blame Lionsgate for deciding to make the change with the success that Writer/Director Damien Chazelle was able to garner with Whiplash, the story of a young drummer enrolled at a top notch music conservatory and the tutor who will stop at nothing to see him succeed, as the movie was able to win numerous awards, mostly for J.K. Simmons performance, but also nominations for best film.

And with the new release date having been set for December 16, 2016, it seems as though the studio is planning on making a big Awards push for Chazelle’s follow-up and the third time Emma Stone will be acting opposite Gosling. With what we’ve seen in the trailer, and the interesting choice of visuals used thus far, it’s likely to at least get in for set design and probably others as well.

However, if waiting til December seems like it’s too long to wait, here’s a reminder of Emma Stone’s performance skills…which may not actually include her singing like she does in La La Land, but it’s still always worthwhile.