CHIPS Success Looks to Rely on Dax Shepard/Michael Pena Chemistry

By David SomersetJanuary 16, 2017Movie Trailers
Dax Shepard with Blake Baker
By David Somerset | January 16, 2017

Apparently the new formula for success in reboots is setting things up for a buddy movie between two guys who are polar opposites who then act as foils for each other while hilarious hi jinx ensue. It’s something that 21 Jump Street was actually able to do surprisingly well, not in the least due to the fact that Channing Tatum had simply been a pretty face on the screen for the viewers who were in to him, as opposed to someone who seemed to have a sense of humor.

Similarly, Baywatch looks like it will try and follow a similar mold by pairing up Dwayne Johnson with Zac Efron.

And now CHIPS looks to pair up comedy veterans Dax Shepard and Michael Pena as they look to take down Hollywood’s newest every villain (a role which he excels at) Vincent D’Onofrio by following the route of taking everything that made the TV series family friendly and stamping the R rating on it that most people who grew up watching the series would want to see along with an undercover Ponch who apparently isn’t very good at riding a motorcycle, with a former pro rider who’s just learning how to be a cop.

While the trailer is mostly penis jokes and explosions, if the script actually allows for the two to really play off each other, with their casting, it could potentially rival other similar reboots.

Image Credit: Bureau of Land Management