Bad Santa’s Second Trailer Is More Than What We Wished For

By David SomersetSeptember 23, 2016Movie Trailers
By David Somerset | September 23, 2016

When Bad Santa first came out, it was notorious in the fact that it took the proclaimed “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and turned it into one of the more unapologetically vulgar movies of 2003.

Billy Bob Thornton is without a doubt the best and worst Bad Santa! 

And while it could have gone the route of so many movies before by releasing a sequel while the movie was already fresh in people’s minds, or trying to put out a new one every year, they instead took one of those long breaks, making sure that if they did ever put out a sequel that it was going to be able to have a story to match the original.

Now, with this second trailer, it looks like they did just that and with an obscene Kathy Bates as well.

Bad Santa 2 hits theaters everywhere November 23, 2016.

If you did not have a Thanksgiving plan, looks like you do now!