Film: Oscar’s first Latino winner for Best Director – Alfonso Cuarón!

By Jeanette Hernandez / @JeanetteHndzMarch 12, 2014Cine, Cine y TV News
Alfonso Cuaron
By Jeanette Hernandez / @JeanetteHndz | March 12, 2014

Alfonso Cuaron

The minorities took the major awards this year at the 86th annual Academy Awards. Alfonso Cuarón made history this year by becoming the first Latino to win for Best Director at the Oscars for his movie “Gravity.”

As if that wasn’t enough recognition, “Gravity” won a total of seven Oscars: Best Sound Mixing, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing and the huge Best Director award.

Right after his name was called out, a range of Latin stars started to congratulate the director via Twitter. Stars like Leon Larregui from psychedelic rock band Zoe to former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon.

A notable shout out was given to Cuaron from actor Gael Garcia Bernal who worked with him on “Y Tu Mamá También.” Bernal tweeted: “Llorando de la emocion. Viva Poncho. Te amo cabr*n!” Bernal’s following hashtag read: “No hay honor mas grande que ser un charolastra,” referring to the 2001 drama film where he acted under Alfonso Cuarón ’s direction. What pride!

The show was immense – from breaking Nielsen ratings to social media records. For those who did not watch, Ellen DeGeneres was the host who reeled in an estimated 43 million total viewers who tuned in to see the Academy Awards this year, according to Nielsen. Along with this massive turn out, she also broke the record for most Twitter interaction for the famous “selfie” photo with the stars she pulled in while hosting the show. Talk about star power!

From start to finish, this year’s Academy Awards were full of surprises and entertaining to watch. Watch Alfonso Cuarón ‘s acceptance speech below:




Photo courtesy of Mario Anzuoni